Lili Coffin ~ A Love Affair With #Wine ~ An Introduction

Lili Coffin's World of Wine

My love of affair with wine began when I was 8 years old.

My mother was a child actress on that was then known as the Little Rascals. Being raised in Hollywood, she was taught to enjoy the finer things in life and taught us children to do the same.

For my 8th birthday, she took me alone to the then renowned Brown Derby. I can remember every detail of that evening. I ate sole almondine, as did Mom, I had a Shirley Temple drink as Mom sipped her glass of white wine.

At the close of the meal, the head waiter brought out an enormous pineapple lemon cake. I blew out the candles after I was serenaded by wait staff and celebrities alike.

Everyone was charmed as the cake was distributed throughout the dining room and Mother stood and rose to toast me with that one simple glass of…

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One comment on “Lili Coffin ~ A Love Affair With #Wine ~ An Introduction
  1. lilicoffin says:

    Thank you for the reblog, Scotty Barker!


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