Thinking About Outsourcing Your SEO?



Getting the most out of the free, organic, search results should be the goal of any online business owner when first starting out. Newbies think that “Hey, if the traffic is free and ultra targeted, what more could anyone ask for?”

Finding and implementing the best seo strategies will depend mostly on your own seo knowledge, if any, and your budget.

You know the old saying: “those that can’t do… hire others that can” ? Well, maybe that’s not really the way it goes, but it works. If you don’t know much about seo and /or don’t have the time or inclination to learn, you can hire a company to do the work for you but only if you can afford it.

There are a lot of companies that specialize in optimizing web sites and many of them are quite reasonable in their pricing structure.

However, if you can’t afford to hire a company at this stage in the game, don’t worry. With a little knowledge and a few simple tweaks you can easily benefit from some basic seo and at least get your foot in the door.

Once you are making more money online you can invest in the knowledge, or hire someone, to take your seo efforts to the next level. For now, though, you can start here after picking your profitable niche:

1. It all starts with your keyword list.

Choosing the right keywords for your onsite seo has to be the first step, everything revolves around these keywords.

Make sure that you choose words, or phrases, that get at least one thousand searches a month and less than 20,000 competitors. They must also be closely targeted and highly relevant to the content of your website.

Search engines will either reward or penalize you on the relevance of your keywords, and you don’t want to be penalized especially after the latest Google panda and Penguine updates.

Once you’ve got your keywords, start focusing on placing them in your meta tags, your headers and footers. This will grab the attention of the search engine spiders and they will move your site to the top of the rankings if they think it is highly relevant.

2. You can use a similar method to drive traffic to your website by writing and submitting quality, keyword focused articles.

Now, we have all heard this before BUT, this is where a lot of people make a mistake; they don’t write a quality informative article. Instead they try to stuff as many keywords as possible into it until is is virtually all gibberish, or find a low quality plr article and spin the crap out of it.

The search engines won’t reward you for that as the robots and algorithms are too smart. Still write your article around a keyword, but don’t write for the search engines, write for people.

If you supply your readers with genuinely helpful information, and optimize it with keywords, your article can get a top ranking in the search engines and this will gradually drive a lot of traffic to your website.

One last simple tip…. Don’t drive yourself into the poor house when you’re just starting out online by hiring an seo company that you can’t really afford. First, start making some money and then you can outsource much of your daily work using Elance or Odesk (I personally prefer Odesk).

In the meantime, start using these tips and utilize these basic seo strategies to keep the traffic flowing. Once you have the traffic flowing the next thing is to CONVERT that traffic. This is another topic altogether but simply put :

TRAFFIC DOES NOT = $$$ , but,

TARGETED TRAFFIC + CONVERSIONS DOES = $$$ and this is what keeps the cash register (virtual, of course) ringing. 🙂 This can only happen if you can convert your visitors.

Hope this helps someone, please leave a comment and feel fee to share

Scotty Bee

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