Change My Mind

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Make It Your Problem

When things aren’t as I expect them to be. When I am doubting a decision. When I don’t know what to do next. When I am feeling sorry for myself. I change my mind. My world is as much a product of my mental state as it the circumstances that surround me. Wallowing, worrying, whining, wincing and wasting make feel worse and don’t accomplish anything.

I change my mind and do the next possible, right thing.  Action bias conquers the 5 w’s. Doing something (anything) is better than doing nothing. If you take action you have something to fix and are creating a new momentum. when you are flat – take action. When you are low – take action. When you are high – take action. When you are sad – take action…. Take Action. Change your mind and take action.

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Just An Ordinary Bloke, With An Extraordinary Dream

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